18th JCF-Frühjahrssymposium

March, 16 - 18th 2016 in Kiel

'Chemistry at the seaside' is the motto of the next JCF-Frühjahrssymposium hosted by our friends of the JCF Kiel. The conference will take place from March, 16th to 18th 2016 at the Christiana Albertina University Kiel. Registration starts at October, 15th.

More information: jcf-fruehjahrssymposium.de

We are looking forward to see you in Kiel next year.


So long,

your JCF Münster.


(static link to the website of the 17th JCF-Frühjahrssymposum: fjs2015.de)

It's done

The spring symposium 2015 has been a great event and the whole JCF team enjoyed welcoming so many young chemists in Münster.
Many thanks go to our sponsors and of course all the people who held scientifically stimulating talks or presented interesting posters! They really made the FJS 2015 a successful conference. We would also like to thank the university of Münster and the GDCh/JCF for great support during the organisation and the proceedings of the conference.
We all hope that you have had a good time in Münster and keep the FJS 2015 in mind as a great experience.
We would be happy if you follow us on Facebook and join us for future events!

Photos of the spring symposium will follow soon!

Detailed Program

The final program is online now. You can find it by clicking on the program link of the menu or directly via this link: http://jcf-muenster.de/fjs_contao/index.php/program.html .
Find out which exciting Oral Presentations are awaiting you in the detailed program.
There you can also read about the upcoming Poster Talks or see in which Poster Session you are going to present your research.

Additionally, we have uploaded a map of Münster on which the important locations of the conference are highlighted.


Unfortunately, we have to announce that Andrea Balducci will not be able to hold his talk at our symposium. On the other hand, we quickly found another speaker to fill his gap in the habilitands/young professor session on friday: Fabian Dielmann started as a habilitand at the WWU Münster in 2013 and will tell us about New tools for the activation of small molecules: from electron-deficient nitrenes to electron-rich phosphanes. We are grateful for his decision on short notice and look forward to an exciting talk.

Plenary Lectures

After the final stretch of the registration, we would like to give some more details on our fourth plenary lecture. 


Andrea Balducci, Pol Besenius and Mark P. Waller are three independent researchers right at the start of their carreer and hold/held habilitand positions at the university of Münster. In their talks, you will get an impression of the life at the beginning of an independent carreer as well as part of the chemistry that is being pursued at our own university. 


We will hear exciting talks on these topics:

Ionic liquids in high power devices (Andrea Balducci)

ß-Sheet encoded self-assembly in pH-regulated supramolecular polymers and luminescent Au(I)-materials (Pol Besenius)

A density-based adaptive QM/MM method for modelling complex (bio-)chemical systems (Mark P. Waller)


In fact, Andrea Balducci and Pol Besenius already climbed the next rung of the ladder, having very recently taken up positions at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm and the Gutenberg-University Mainz, respectively. Congratulations from us!


Also, a revised program schedule is now online. You can find it here.